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We are a veteran multi-media duo. We create marketing

strategies, plans, tools and high-impact videos for travel brands.

Troy St Agustin

Troy Young, Co-founder

Is a 20-year video editor and producer, working in the television, interactive media and the web, in live sports, documentaries and consumer brand video development. Troy brings a unique mix of production experience and storytelling to create high-quality, impactful videos from inception to production and post-production.

Dorene Headshot

Dorene Wharton - Co-founder

A marketing veteran of multi-national consumer products, entertainment, and travel brands for 20 years in Canada,USA and Latin America. Her marketing expertise includes directing marketing teams to deliver results on both client-side and advertising agency side. Dorene takes a practical business-driven approach to marketing, communications, and business planning to meet company goals. She also coaches young marketers to unleash their potential.     

Troy and Dorene are also co-founders of



Video Creation and Editing Services: From start to finish we work with our clients at all stages to develop strategy, conception, shooting, producing, editing, branding, sound and music.

Marketing Consulting Including:  Marketing strategies, brand positioning, marketing plans, competitive analysis, full scale business plans, pricing and profitability, social media and communication campaigns.


The Coffee Quest Exporter

Pacsafe Travel Gear

Palenque Tours-Colombia

Monkii Bars Exercise Equipment

Via Colombia Travel Company

La Mesa Food Tours

Peepal Farm Animal Welfare-Social Enterprise

Contact us at info@travellifex.com


Excellent Video Content, Sound Marketing Advice

Dorene and Troy worked with us at our animal recovery center in India for three weeks.They took the time to really understand our philosophy, what we are trying to do, and helped us develop a brand strategy that encompassed all of it neatly and cohesively. Throughout it all, they continued to check in with us to make sure they were reflecting our message. They created a brand plan, and several videos, that captured the heart of what we are trying to do in their content and one of the videos was even watched over half a million times! I fully recommend working with Dorene and Troy to anyone ready for some excellent content, marketing advice, and a team with absolute dedication to their work.  

Client Testimonial

Exceptional Video Content

Travel Life Experiences has provided exceptional video content for Pacsafe over the past year. With a product line that contains a range of technical and anti-theft features, Troy and Dorene do an incredible job of showcasing the benefits of Pacsafe products in real-life travel settings. Would highly recommend them for any travel-related video production or content.



Skill, Service, and Results, perfect for the travel industry

I would recommend anyone to work with Troy and Dorene for marketing and video work. They have a unique combination of skills.They are authentic world travelers, and understand the travel industry from the viewpoint of a final customer and also of a B2B company. This helped us understand identify our strengths and opportunities. With Dorene’s thorough skills in marketing, we received marketing consultancy in tandem with video creation with Troy’s efficient and amazingly well-produced video work. They were very patient in helping us through the whole process of conception to post-production. They delivered a fantastic service and totally exceeded our expectations.



Professional, relevant, business and marketing plans

Dorene is knowledgeable in so many aspects of marketing and business and now we have an exceptional detailed and professional, business and marketing plan ready to share with investors. As well she facilitated all our branding development, ensuring we look professional to our investors and relevant to our future guests of Salt Lodge.

Sam 6722 1
Creativity, Quality and Results 
Travel Life Media are absolute professionals who bring creativity and quality to their work. After a quick conversation, they delivered an awesome new promo video that has gotten a ton of attention for our food tours!
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